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I live for the applesauce


I know what I’m about son

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Never Forget


Hair grows back…children don’t. What do you know about childhood cancer? Did you know that:

  • Every day, 46 kids are diagnosed with cancer. And every day, 7 children will die.
  • September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and the color gold represents childhood cancer.
  • Pediatric cancer receives virtually no funding, yet each year it kills more children that AIDS, juvenile diabetes, and cystic fibrosis combined.
  • Childhood cancer is the #1 disease killer of children under the age of 15.

All of the children pictured above are victims of childhood cancer. Some of them are still fighting today, while others have tragically lost their lives - leaving behind friends, families, and loved ones who grieve the loss and instead will spend the holidays sitting at a gravesite decorated with a small Christmas tree for a child too small to die. Please reblog, or share this post and continue to spread the word, to spread the hope, to spread the message of these children. They need us. They need you.


The kite

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deleting my school to focus on tumblr

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"want to come over"


"we have food"


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Questions running through my mind…

•Where can I get one of these?

•How much is it gonna cost me?

•Do I get extra outfits to change him into?